Vancouver Music Law Careers

Job Description

Music law is a very important part of the music. From the early stages of a musical career, whether this be a musician or composer, music lawyers work with them throughout the stages of their careers to advise them on many things.

When an artist is first starting out, these lawyers help them copyright their creations or patent their musical styles. As the artist’s musical career goes on, lawyers offer advice and help form the contracts that the artist needs. This can include recording, producing, distribution, promotion and talent managing and merchandising contract. The lawyer also makes contract for the employees that work for the artist such as managers, song writer and towel boys. If the artist does get famous then the lawyers may also deal with lawsuits, defamation or slander cases. This would involve the lawyers going to court and dealing with the cases in front of a judge.

Education, Skills & Training Required

To become a lawyer in Canada, you are required to go through two phases of education. To get into the second phase, most commonly known as articling, you are required to complete an undergraduate degree. Many law schools across Canada offer an undergraduate program of common law and civil law. Common law being criminal law and civil law being law that deals with civil actions. After this students must go through a year of articling and bar association course and exam. During this period the student works as an apprentice to a lawyer in the field of his choice. While working for the lawyer of their choice, the students are required to take a course and exam to be accepted into the bar association of the province they intend to work in. After this processes, which takes about 6-8 years, the student may now practice as a fully pledged lawyer.

Attributes of a Lawyer

To be a lawyer there are several attributes and skills to be successful. As a lawyer you must be able to put aside your own personal beliefs and opinions and be able to strive for the view of your client. You must also be able to not let your emotions cloud you decision making process. As a lawyer you must be meticulous in your work you must look at every detail and be able to analyze things over and over from completely different perspectives. You must be punctual and be able to complete several tasks at once.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Job

Some advantages of being a music lawyer are lots of income potential, a chance to help people, after law school many paths have been opened for many different careers, and it is easy to find a career in law. Some of the down sides to this career are long working hours, billable hour requirements, and work takes priority over family and life.